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Liquefied Gas

Liquefied petroleum gas, that is convenient and environmentally friendly heating

LPG is the best heating fuel available on the market.

For its convenience, safety of use and, above all, its low maintenance costs, it is the best alternative to natural gas.

An additional advantage of this solution is that LPG heating is environmentally friendly, the connection is quick and the investment costs are relatively low.

Liquefied Gas


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Liquefied gas of the highest quality

The domestic heating system is powered by liquefied petroleum gas in the vapour phase, so it is very important to pay attention to its evaporation temperature before purchasing.

Commercially available gas heating fuel is mostly a mixture of propane and butane, which loses its heating utility at around 0°C, which can be very problematic in winter.

In addition, the mixtures negatively affect the functioning and service life of the heating system itself. This is why we only offer our customers pure propane, which will perform well even in extremely low temperatures down to -43°C and is highly calorific, making heating more efficient and your installation safe.

Our liquefied petroleum gas meets the highest requirements and quality standards, as evidenced by certificates.

By choosing Gaz Petrol you obtain:

  • pure propane of the highest quality (no mixtures),
  • liquefied petroleum gas with a high calorific value, which will provide you with maximum heating efficiency and cost savings,
  • delivery in as little as 48 hours,
  • reliability and high heating quality even at very low temperatures,
  • a guarantee of fault-free installation,
  • top quality LPG, always at a competitive price,
  • quick delivery to both leased and customer-owned tanks,
  • possibility of leasing a tank,
  • heating fuel that meets international requirements and standards, as certified.


Benefits of LPG heating

very efficient heating, thanks to the high calorific value of the fuel,

ecological heating fuel,

a guarantee of safety for you and your family,

convenient maintenance-free installation that does not require frequent cleaning.

We make sure that your home is always warm.