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Diesel Oil

Modern fuel for modern machines

Developments in technology are making machines more and more modern, so it is worth ensuring that the fuel supplied to them meets modern requirements. Poor-quality diesel contains water and other elements that contribute significantly to poor engine operation and often to engine failure. Our fuel meets the stringent EN 590 standards, which is a guarantee of the highest quality. The package of refining additives included helps to take care of the machinery engine, thanks to its high lubricity and anticorrosive properties.

Ecology and tradition

Caring for the environment is a responsibility for all of us, which is why our diesel has a low sulphur content, making it fully environmentally friendly. For nearly 25 years, we have been supplying fuels for agriculture and industry, using products from the best Polish refineries (PKN Orlen, Lotos, BP).

Our fuel, your comfort

We deliver with a modern transport fleet, so we can get your fuel to you in as little as 48 hours, wherever you need it. For the convenience and comfort of customers, each tanker truck is equipped with a distributor and a hose of min. 25 metres.

Diesel Oil


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We offer 3 types of diesel oil:

Take care of your machines, put your trust in the guarantee of the highest quality fuels from Gaz Petrol.

Summer (on sale from 16.04 to 30.09)
Transition period (on sale from 1.03 to 15.04 and from 1.10 to 15.11)
Winter (on sale from 16.11 to 28.02)

Safe fuel tanks

A suitable diesel fuel tank is a necessity not only for regulatory reasons, but above all for safety. Therefore, to meet the needs of our customers, we offer the possibility of purchasing or leasing tanks for the storage and internal distribution of diesel oil. The tanks meet all safety standards and each is equipped with a meter, pump and flow meter.

Purchase with the option to spread the payment over 24 0% instalments
Lease of a tank for the duration of the contract with Gaz Petrol

Don't risk fines, keep yourself and your employees safe.
Order a tank that is already compliant with OSH regulations. 

What do you gain by choosing Gaz Petrol as your supplier?

top-quality diesel oil that meets European standards,

an environmentally friendly fuel that does not contribute to air pollution,

delivery up to 48 h by tanker truck with distributor and hose min. 25 metres,

a discount when purchasing a larger quantity of fuel,

possibility to buy or lease a fuel tank.